Its where my demons hide

About 2 weeks ago I received a letter from the DA’s office that they could not prove all the elements of B&E so they would not be pursuing a case against the little urchin that broke into my apartment – twice- last September. First, lets review all the elements of B&E in the state of NC:

A person is guilty if they:

  1. Break and
  2. Enter
  3. Without consent
  4. Into the dwelling house or sleeping apartment
  5. Of another
  6. While it is actually occupied
  7. At night
  8. With the intent to commit any felony or larceny therein

They couldn’t prove these 9 steps in either break in. I did not roll out the red carpet while I was SLEEPING or while I was out at work. And when does night end? When the sun comes up? Or could they not prove #7? because they could not prove when exactly it happened because I used to be a heavy sleeper? Now I hear a weird sound outside 3 buildings down and I’m up walking around the apartment checking every lock on the windows and doors.

Whatever. All I know is karma will one day catch up to this young fellow and his accomplices. I have to believe that. Because so much was taken from me that week and I have no way to repay this young man for it. So I have to trust karma will do it for me.

I just now know too I have a new demon. One I have to get used to. I only recently learned how to play nice and accommodate all the other ones. They sleep quietly, or we even get along now. We take naps together, we take walks together and we read books together. They rear their ugly heads far less frequently but now I have this new one- this bright shiny one that likes to go bump in the night. I say get used to because I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it. How does one “get over” having their very home being broken into while they sleep? The one place they expect to be their safe haven, the one place they know is their sanctuary. And to have my furkid taken from me so violently? And things … such random things. And then the additional violation of having cops comb through everything looking for any sign of a lead to show them who might have done this.

I can call him Frank. I always imagine my demons look like little dragons that can’t control their saliva and have defunct wings. And when they sneeze a little fire comes out. And each demon has a fancy little silver sign engraved with what they represent: divorce, bullied as a kid, panic attacks, sexual harassment in high school, anxiety, and now, stolen security.

Wonder what kind of world we’d live in if we all walked around with our little defunct dragons on our shoulders.



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