The issue with Bridget Jones

Ok, so I know I’m way behind on getting around to reading Bridget Jones. And I never bothered watching the movies. I shocked the shit out of people when they found out I’ve never read/seen Harry Potter either. But anyway, I of course followed the stories of how Renee Zellweger packed on all that weight for the role. because it was very in your face. Then lost it. Then gained it back. Then lost it. Then gained it.

The issue I have, and I hope other women had/have with Bridget is that in the books she takes issue with weighing at most 130 pounds. Granted, its never revealed what her body type really is- is she a Renee where she’s a waif and typically 105 dripping wet? but then packed it on out of depression of her shitty job, overbearing parents/friends of her parents, being 30 and without a boyfriend/children, blah blah blah? And society tells her she needs/should want all those things at her age? Or just succumbing to societal standards of what women should look like? Because I know in the movies, Renee would look portly at 130 but I’m pretty sure she packed on more than that … *quick Google search reveals she gains between 20-30 pounds each time to play Bridget* I don’t know what her starting weight is but she can’t be more than 110. She’s tiny. And I get different body types carry weight differently.

But its just another book, another story, that perpetuates the tale of a girl obsessed with her size. We’re all already having serious issue with body image, do we really need to read about it?

I personally struggle with it every day. Granted I’ve heard lately how I look like I’ve lost a few pounds which makes me feel great considering the evil little thing in my bathroom says I’ve gained 3 pounds despite my best efforts in recent days. But it’s all good- if I look like I’ve lost, I’ll take it!

Maybe, and this is going to sound so sound-bitey, but it just sounds so good, maybe we should work on body acceptance and not worrying about counting every calorie (i haven’t seen the movie but in the book, Bridget worries over every calorie, every drink, every sniff of something she comes across) and just work on being happy, working on finding what makes us happy, (i like to hike and ride horses for exercises; I HATE the gym) and finding balance between “good” and “bad” foods. It is a daily struggle for those that did the calorie counting, did the ‘DON’T EAT THAT!’ diet, and so on. but I’ve given up all that and eat what I want when I want and listen to my body. if I’m hungry, I eat, if I’m not, I don’t.

I’ve never been a stress eater which is what seemed to be Bridget’s issue if I remember correctly. That and you know, sleeping with her boss. Which I can only imagine will cause a great deal of stress, which leads to an intense amount of stress eating, and drinking.

But I also know for a lot of women this is their go to movie for whatever reason, while I have zero reason to watch the movie after reading the book. I did chuckle at a few spots and one of her best friends did seem like she’d be my spirit animal but I couldn’t see myself sitting through this movie. I’m good. Even though there is a very pretty man in the movie …

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 7.50.35 PM


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